Is Metal Roofing Right for Your house?

By | August 15, 2017

Metal Roofing Is Gaining Popularity

For a long time, metal roofing was primarily used for drop roofs using galvanized metal sheets, and as a massage table finishes on architect designed houses. Metal roofing has come a long way, in recent years with the development of new materials and coatings. Even the older that need metal roof repairs are now able to be restored to better than new for half the cost of replacement. This means your metal roof can last a lifetime or more.

Metal Roofing Materials

The type metal used for your roof is a significant consideration regarding cost and appearance. One of the most economical choices available is Aluminum. Because of its reasonable price, durability, and longevity, Aluminum roofing is good value. Galvanized steel has a proven record of durability. Metal Shake Tile is a type of roofing that gives the appearance of a real wood shake roof but has the strength and long life of metal. Metals with a faux stone finish are offered. For those with environmental concerns, there are roofing choices made from so called all-natural metals which create a patina with age and generally blend into the surroundings and are hundred % recyclable.


In addition to the assortment of metals sold today, there are loads of style choices for the new metal roofs. No longer are you restricted to corrugated sheets? There is an entire range of various kinds of metallic paneling – ribbed, plain, and snap locking. All these typically come with the choice of invisible or visible fixings. In addition to panels, there are shingles and tiles with numerous styles to present the house with a contemporary or traditional look. Metal roofing can also mimic both the appearance of any of the various types of tile roofing.

The Benefits

Along with giving your home a remarkable look, you will find a lot of practical advantages to metal roofs. First, metal roofs are reasonably easy and quick to set up for a competent metal roofing contractor Houston, especially if they are installing panels. A metal roof is also a far lighter compared to standard roofing shingles. Metal puts less pressure on the structure of the building than the asphalt shingle roof.

Some Additional Advantages:

• Longevity and Durability – Metal roofing does not crack or rot, and it does not warp or curl. Neither panels or shingles split or break, they do not burn and the finishes are not susceptible to peeling. Metal roofing is by far the most resistant to freezing, snow, hail, fire, and wind damage.

• Low Maintenance Costs – Apart from maybe the unexpected brushing down if leaves stick there’s not much maintenance required.

• Long Term Warranties – Because of the life expectancy as well as durability of the materials utilized in metal roofing, companies and installers are actually glad to provide extremely extensive warranties and guarantees.

• Efficiency – Metal roofs make it easier to cut costs with reduced heating and cooling costs of as much as 40%