Laminate Floors – Water Damage Repair

By | August 13, 2017

Damaged Laminate Flooring

Usually,  laminate flooring is water damage resistant. Regrettably, any quantity of water could still damage the laminate floor. A laminate floor built of many sections which are locked together. The property owner can correct water damage problems without having to take up the whole floor. Before maintenance can be completed, you have to dry the spot which is wet. It must be dried out. Once dry you can replace the damaged parts of the flooring with new sections of laminated flooring.

Some Of The Causes Of Water Damage

Water damage can occur to the laminated flooring if a washer, refrigerator, or dishwasher develops leaks. Any standing water can damage the floor. Rather than using a professional water damage restoration service you may decide to do the job yourself. When you’ve located what triggered the water leak and then fixed it, it’s time to dry the flooring completely. To do this, you need to use a wet/dry vacuum or perhaps mopping. How much water you’re dealing with will determine which technique is used. Once you get all of the extra water dried up, place a fan on the floor and turn it on high to get the air moving and dry out the flooring.


Remove the Wet and Damaged Sections

Water damage repair begins by taking out the wet sections of the flooring. To help avoid wrecking the surrounding flooring you can use a hammer and chisel to begin pulling the broken areas of the flooring from the floorboards. In case the this doesn’t work, you might have to utilize circular saw or a crowbar. Then, pick a knife to get rid of the tongue component of the flooring. Turn on the fan once again to dry out the floorboards before you place down brand new laminate flooring. It’s important to be sure that the floorboards are dried out to avoid mold growth in.

Match The Pattern

Most laminate flooring is set out in a pattern design which means you are going to have to recreate the pattern on the floor which had water damage. When you have the pattern set, use building glue, and place in the very first new section of the pattern. Before it dries, make certain you clean off the unwanted glue. Add a cover on the floor until it dries entirely. Rather than using glue and working with the mess you can make use of nails. In case you decide to make use of nails, you are going to need to nail the original flooring area on an existing segment so that it works firmly. Continue piecing the pattern together on the floors until you have the floor repaired. If you are unable to find the pattern to complement your existing laminate flooring, you are going to have to tear the flooring up and set down a brand new one with a distinct pattern. If you’re not able to do the work yourself, you’ll need to work with a pro to do the water damage restoration.